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Ha Ha… The Wedding Reunion! 8 October 2009

I regard it as somewhat of a triumph that a mere week and a half after the nuptials our mateys and family have organised themselves enough to hold a wedding reunion!

Ok. I exaggerate: the primary instigation for the Wedding Reunion (it’s like Survivor… hilarious!) is one of The Things That Went Wrong: oysters.

Rooster and I had organised our canape menu with the more than able assistance of our beautiful friends The Cookies (#1 and #2). Due to their involvement in the industry (in fact, we met Cookie #1 when she did the subliminal catering for Rooster’s sister’s wedding), they had all manner of hot tips for fancy food we could get on the cheap… including oysters! Now, we knew that an oyster stand would impress the socks off our guests, and Wild Peacock would sell them to us for R4,50 an oyster (less than US.60c)… so we duly ordered 300 of the shuckers (sic). Except, to ensure maximum freshness, they would be shucked and ready for us on the Saturday for our trustyandtremendous driver to fetch from CT and bring through to De Hoop when he drove through for the nuptials on Saturday morning.

That’s where things went awry:

[Please bear in mind that there is no cellphone signal at De Hoop. There was also only generator power in the house I stayed in and no electricity in the house Rooster stayed in (the rest of the houses are fully powered, but they’re on the other side of a lake).]

Rooster forgot to give directions for the oyster pick-up to Trusty Driver before we arrived at De Hoop.

The only directions we therefore had at De Hoop were on my ancient laptop.

The only place where Trusty Driver’s details were stored was Rooster’s (powerless) cell phone.

Late Friday night (after the pub quiz.. AWESOME!), it fell on me to plug in ancient computer, charge Rooster’s cellphone, and send directions to Trusty Driver… All went according to plan: cellphone fired up, computer booted up, I located e-mail with directions, waited for cellphone to charge a little more when: WWIRRRRRRrrrrr: The generator switched off! The laptop switched off (crap battery)! The cellphone died! 

The end result was  that there were no oysters at our wedding. Wild Peacock, because my phone had no signal and went through to voicemail, thought the wedding had been cancelled (!!!), and froze the oysters…

So, this evening we are getting together with all the friends and mateys for an evening of oysters and bubbles and memories of the wedding: in other words, our wedding reunion! Our photographer mateys (who did an awesome job) have worked their arses off to get the pics ready and we will be projecting them for all to enjoy and appreciate. It will be grand!

But seriously, there were many things that went wrong at that wedding (besides not having our schmancy oyster stand):

  • the hot water didn’t work in the Bride’s house. So, after having a mini-facial in the morning, I washed my hair by sitting in about 7cm of lukewarm water in the only bath in the house that had warm running water and filling a cup to rinse the soap and conditioner out of my hair. My darling scissor, best friend and longlost friend followed suite…
  • it rained hard right after the ceremony such that we couldn’t take the amazing photos that should have been taken in De Hoop… That place is a photographers wet dream… except, of course, when it’s wet. Then the photographer can’t take very many pics at all…
  • because of the rain we had to move the canape time indoors to an area where there wasn’t very satisfactory acoustics. We’d hired a BRILLIANT and beautiful musician to play some Afro-Brazilian tunes, but these were lost on about half of the guests. At least there are some great pics of him!
  • the house we’d allocated for the babysitters was vetoed at the last minute by Rooster’s scissor who’d just had a baby (she wanted it only for her children and their cousins). Such that all the OTHER parents streamed into the main manor house where we were trying to have a couple of pics with family and wedding party… not highly successful and a bit stressful!
  • I had spent a good two days the week before preparing baby beetroot to serve as an additional salad on our buffet. The De Hoop chef forgot to put it on the buffet table. We might be eating beetroot for months to come…
  • the seating plan was a mess – we didn’t know the table configuration until it was all set up late afternoon before the wedding (the joys of being the first wedding in a venue)… subsequently we had some amazing wedding faeries busting their arses on the morning of the wedding to get everyone seated while I was preened (and Rooster ran around madly doing other chores). In the end, most people were seated, but i think some guests just sat where they wanted when they couldn’t find their names!

There was probably loads of other stuff that wasn’t right too, but I didn’t care a jot! We loved the chaotic, crazy, happy celebration that emerged despite the mini-disasters… If I would give some advice, I’d suggest having a wedding co-ordinator so that those kind of hiccoughs don’t happen. But really, they didn’t matter in the end.

Rooster and I were married and we celebrated with the most beautiful, colourful, fabulous souls, who cares about anything else?


Minor melt-down 5 August 2009

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I felt overwhelmed last night.

After trying to co-ordinate our next (and final prior to the wedding) weekend to De Hoop and finding out the weekend we’d arranged doesn’t suit our v. nb friends (the sweets have agreed to work around us and make a plan), I realised I’d been a bit of a clutz on another level.

As some of you may have picked up, I am less than enamoured with my job and have been trying to figure out the “next step”. The first major step I’d taken in this regard has been signing up for a course in mediation and alternate dispute resolution which I was really really excited about! And I was convinced (in my head) that it ran from 12-16 August.

So I gaily told my lovely scissor and best matey that the following weekend (21-23 August) was free. In turn, they have been scheming up a storm in the manner of organising a “hen’s weekend” (According to Scissor: Under ABSOLUTELY no circumstances may you make any plans on that weekend!!!)

Except I was wrong and had my weekends mixed up. So, to my horror, I realised I had a very significantly double-booked weekend. And as the realisation hit me, I just couldn’t deal with it and I sat on my bed and wept and wept.

Despite calling the Scissor in tears and gasping into the phone that she might have to undo all her hard work, I’ve subsequently come to terms with the dilemma. I have (begrudgingly) realised that I probably can’t afford to take myself out of office for three days in August as I have a big matter that is being heard on 3 Sept… and the harder I work on it the more I get paid (VVVVVVVVVVV NB) so being in my office means I can probably make money instead of spending it (on afore-mentioned course). And I can probably do the course next time they run it (prob in 6 months)… So all is ok despite the sobs I issued forth yesterday evening.

But it nevertheless is a small reminder of how much there is to deal with and how overwhelming it all can be.

Sigh. Minor melt-down behind me…


The story of my ring 12 June 2009

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I love an antique jewel. Love! And just around the corner from my work are a whole lot of gorgeous stores that sell *ohhowfabulous* antique jewels! Mostly, I just wander in and out and pour over how beautiful those antique jewels really are, but on one spring day last year, my scissor (sister) and I just couldn’t resist trying on some of those antique jewels. We started with the watches. Then on to the clip-on earrings. And then the rings!

Mostly I love an antique ring with a BIG coloured stone – classic and bold and it shouts its story. But this day, I liked this ring with a line of round diamonds and I slipped it on my ring finer with a giggle. And it was just perfect! Five quirky diamonds of the “old-fashioned cut” (who would have thought such a cut even existed?!) variety set in whoknowswhat metal (it’s kind of between a silver and a gold) with a gold band. I loved it! I loved the duality (I can’t decide whether i prefer to wear gold (bold, and almost historical) or silver (sleek, modern))! I loved the imperfection of the diamonds! I loved the sparkling row on my finger! And as my scissor and I gazed down at my finger, we could see it sitting there forever.

So we mobilised: I told Rooster I had seen a beautiful ring (nudgenudge, winkwink); Scissor told Rooster we had seen a beautiful ring and where; Rooster told Ritzy (his youngest sister) he’d been told about a beautiful ring; Ritzy told Rooster to getoffhisbottomimmediately and tagged along to look at a beautiful ring; Rooster bought a beautiful ring. (I was only aware of step 1.)

And so it ensued that when my scissor next went past the store with the antique jewels, she looked in the ring display and exclaimed with dismay that they had sold her sister’s ring! To which the assistants assured her that they “sold it to the right person.” (They know me and Rooster in there. I do love an antique jewel!) And that very weekend he slipped it on my finger again… (see previous post)

Other things i love about that ring that I have since discovered:

  1. It was made in the early 20th centruy so it is about 100 years old! Imagine if it was made at the same time those last big floods were happeneing at De Hoop?! And how awesome that the diamonds are at least 100 years old and therefore from a time when diamond mining in SA was not controlled by big companies, but the little man still did hand mining… at a time when black people in this country mined next to white people and before they became underground workers to their paler overground bosses. That matters to me – I did not want to support the migrant mine system and the heartache it has caused in this country…
  2. It was a LOT cheaper than a ring purchased any other way might have been. And I love a bargain as much as I love an antique jewel!

ring ring ring

AND, it has freed us up to design the coolest wedding band for me! My favourite colour is green. Hands down. So Rooster had always wanted me to wear a green ring as a symbol of our loveandunion. Subsequent to our engagement, my cousin has offered me some emeralds which came out of our grandmother’s ring. I have not inherited jewelry from my grandmother, but my older cousins did, so it is unbelievab;y awesome that lil’ Saartjie can wear some of her own granny’s heritage on her wedding finger for all eternity! Hurrah!