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The story of my ring 12 June 2009

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I love an antique jewel. Love! And just around the corner from my work are a whole lot of gorgeous stores that sell *ohhowfabulous* antique jewels! Mostly, I just wander in and out and pour over how beautiful those antique jewels really are, but on one spring day last year, my scissor (sister) and I just couldn’t resist trying on some of those antique jewels. We started with the watches. Then on to the clip-on earrings. And then the rings!

Mostly I love an antique ring with a BIG coloured stone – classic and bold and it shouts its story. But this day, I liked this ring with a line of round diamonds and I slipped it on my ring finer with a giggle. And it was just perfect! Five quirky diamonds of the “old-fashioned cut” (who would have thought such a cut even existed?!) variety set in whoknowswhat metal (it’s kind of between a silver and a gold) with a gold band. I loved it! I loved the duality (I can’t decide whether i prefer to wear gold (bold, and almost historical) or silver (sleek, modern))! I loved the imperfection of the diamonds! I loved the sparkling row on my finger! And as my scissor and I gazed down at my finger, we could see it sitting there forever.

So we mobilised: I told Rooster I had seen a beautiful ring (nudgenudge, winkwink); Scissor told Rooster we had seen a beautiful ring and where; Rooster told Ritzy (his youngest sister) he’d been told about a beautiful ring; Ritzy told Rooster to getoffhisbottomimmediately and tagged along to look at a beautiful ring; Rooster bought a beautiful ring. (I was only aware of step 1.)

And so it ensued that when my scissor next went past the store with the antique jewels, she looked in the ring display and exclaimed with dismay that they had sold her sister’s ring! To which the assistants assured her that they “sold it to the right person.” (They know me and Rooster in there. I do love an antique jewel!) And that very weekend he slipped it on my finger again… (see previous post)

Other things i love about that ring that I have since discovered:

  1. It was made in the early 20th centruy so it is about 100 years old! Imagine if it was made at the same time those last big floods were happeneing at De Hoop?! And how awesome that the diamonds are at least 100 years old and therefore from a time when diamond mining in SA was not controlled by big companies, but the little man still did hand mining… at a time when black people in this country mined next to white people and before they became underground workers to their paler¬†overground bosses. That matters to me – I did not want to support the migrant mine system and the heartache it has caused in this country…
  2. It was a LOT cheaper than a ring purchased any other way might have been. And I love a bargain as much as I love an antique jewel!

ring ring ring

AND, it has freed us up to design the coolest wedding band for me!¬†My favourite colour is green. Hands down. So Rooster had always wanted me to wear a green ring as a symbol of our loveandunion. Subsequent to our engagement, my cousin has offered me some emeralds which came out of our grandmother’s ring. I have not inherited jewelry from my grandmother, but my older cousins did, so it is unbelievab;y awesome that lil’ Saartjie can wear some of her own granny’s heritage on her wedding finger for all eternity! Hurrah!