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A garland for my locks… 3 July 2009

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I very nearly shed small tears of delight when I tootled over to a.mountain.bride this morning and saw these beauties


I really, really, really want to wear my hair loose with a hair garland (there I was calling it a flower crown… “hair garland” is FAR superior!). I have a lot of hair and I have imagined that garland would look beauty: who says they’re only for flower tots? (Although my small army of nieces will all wear them too…) My garland will most probably be made out of blushing bride so as to match my dress and to be a little clever (how can one ignore a flower called blushing bride?). Blushing brides look like this:

All pics from flickr.

But, Internet, unfortunately, there is scant inspiration for garland-loving gals out there. The only other example I’ve yet stumbled upon that looks like something a real person would wear is this stunner:

hair and veil

This bride who was all over the internet like a rash a few weeks back, but alas, it was in the days when i had no aspirations of blogging myself so I don’t have the foggiest idea where she came from… Any ideas? I have small bride-crush on those pics above.

Anymore garland inspiration I’m missing out on?