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whether the weather… 11 November 2009

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If I have one comment about preparing for a wedding day: there is NO point in worrying about things that you can’t change. Really. Don’t stress if it is seriously KAK weather on your wedding day. It’s not good luck, it’s not bad luck, it’s just the way the weather turned out that day (and bollocks to all those myths that make us feel like completely uncontrollable factors (like the bloody weather) are in some way a reflection of us, our wedding, or our marriages. B-O-L-L-O-C-K-S.).

I too spent every possible day prior to my nuptials pouring over every possible weather forecast trying to imagine what the day would be like.  One thing I am extremely grateful for in having my W-A-W is that the lack of signal and internet connection at De Hoop meant that I was simply incapable of checking the weather for the last three days. In any event, the little “me-time” I had was dedicated to speech reviewing and to soaking in the enormity and sheer wonderfulness of the whole experience. As soon as the ball started rolling I suddenly realised (like, it became FULLY real) that worrying over the weather was just a bloody waste of time…

On the Friday night (perhaps to loudly)  I proclaimed that the only aspect of all our outdoor-planned wedding activities I was fully emotionally invested in was getting married under the giant fig tree at the hitching post! And we could. The wind blew and gusted, but we were protected under the tree. The sky looked ominous throughout (adding to the sheer drama of the photos), but we were married in the dry.

Stof&SazWed (356)

Sure enough, the minute Rooster and I stepped out of the chapel (where we had retreated with our families to sign the register) it started to drizzle. Not too hard, but enough to join the fynbos and lavender tossed in the air as confetti. It was really quite poetic!

Stof&SazWed (567)

So plan B kicked in: canapes were not enjoyed overlooking the beautiful vei, but in a long, low barn, where the excited chatter and grins were amplified.

Stof&SazWed (304)

Rooster and I did not attempt to cross the vlei on a boat (what awesome pics it would have made), but we were driven around in the gloriously adorned Snorkel (never has a wedding car looked so grand) and got to wave out the window at all our guests, stop for a cocktail from the refuel station gate-keeper and snap a couple of silly shots in the rain before hastily hopping back into the car to sip and enjoy champagne. I think that, more than any other time of the day, that drive around in the rain embodied the pure exhilaration we felt at being finally married!

Stof&SazWed (300)

Stof&SazWed (596)

Stof&SazWed (597)

Stof&SazWed (601)

Stof&SazWed (600)

We could not take the amazing, dramatic shots with the spectacular De Hoop backdrop as we had hoped and imagined, but we took our family shots on the steps of the manor house in the fading carpuscular light… which gave them a kind of old-wordly quality.

Stof&SazWed (636)

With my family…

I got my shot in my gumboots 🙂

Stof&SazWed (781)

And the reception venue truly felt like a retreat from the storm: it was full of warmth and soft, beautiful light, and our friends commented that they felt like they had escaped into a different world.

Stof&SazWed (657)

Sure, it might have been glorious if we’d been basked in sunlight. But rain did not ruin my wedding – it just made it more real… Really, don’t stress: Que sera, sera.

[Um, Photos are all by our fantastic photographer who is also a friend and who loved shooting our wedding, but doens’t want to shoot any more weddings… so I’m not going to credit him until I’ve spoken to him. Cos it’s a shame not to give credit where it is due!]


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