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Someone wrote us a poem! 23 October 2009

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Jeepers Creepers. How flipping radical is that? Please see below, a poem for our wedding (punctuated with photos from our talented and wonderful friends, just incase you’re a “picture” kind of person)…

De Hoop, on the occasion of a wedding


We gathered beneath

The meeting tree, a

Great embracing ficus wide

And old. We gathered, born

By the ocean and the wind

To your betrothal, to your pledging

To the moment at which your lives

Were about to turn.


The wind drew breath

As it has done since our

Ancestors gathered shellfish

On the shores to the

South, perhaps marveled at the

Awesome shapes that rose against the swell

Dark and mysterious, or

Flushed a skulking heron to its

Laboured beat, tracking it across the

Vlei to its next rocky roost.


As dresses billowed and scarves took flight

Above us swirled a vortex of

Swifts and swallows and saw-wings, the gleaming

Perfect shapes banking, then

Cutting the wind as the first wild drops of rain

Brought a blessing to us all.

 Stof & sara


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