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Being irresponsible 12 October 2009

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This weekend we went to a music festival. At about midnight I became convinced that i needed my lip blam and i ran off by myself to fetch it from the car. The following conversation was heard about 45 minutes later in the “VIP Bar” (there was a rumour my group were hanging out there).

Random comedian: You look like you’ve lost something!

Saartjie: I’ve lost my husband…

RC: How do feel about that?

S: I’ve only had him for two weeks!

RC: That’s very irresponsible!

Despite being highly irresponsible, I had an awesome weekend (Rooster and I were reunited about 15 minutes later…) in the Daisies! Relished being described by the characters we met along the way as “the newlyweds”,  laughed til i cried and bopped til i dropped.


One Response to “Being irresponsible”

  1. buhdoop Says:

    Lol, congratulations on your first two weeks!

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