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What to wear, Daddy Dear? 19 August 2009

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Internet: I’ve just dropped the e-mail below into Eastside Bride’s mailbox, ‘cos we have a fashion crisis mounting… Please read it and apply yourselves: any inspiration is welcome!
Dear Eastside
So they call you the Groom’s fashion guru, but I need you for that *other* special man in my life: The Father of The Bride.
We’re going to have a pretty snazzy bridal party. My groom is having a ridiculously sexy Italian suit made which he is pairing with a small spotty Paul Smith shirt (the spots, not the shirt… it’s Paul Smith: it works). The groomsmen are set: one is gay (saynomore), one is particularly fashion savvy (the other day he was overheard (in a non-wedding context) remarking “I’m feeling quite inspired by the French Riviera in my dress” – he’ll be ok…) and the third takes direction (and has a switched on girlfriend). The general vibe is dark gray suits with bright (but not too bright) candy-stripe on white shirts.
My father, on the other hand, is making some fairly panic-inducing comments. I’ll paint you a picture. He’s in his mid-sixties (so he’s graying and balding), blue-eyed, slim (an ardent tennis-player) and fairly tall: altogether not bad lookin. He was an accountant his whole life and has a lasting aversion to suits (especially grey ones). He does NOT want to wear a tie (which is lucky ‘cos there’s scant chance we’ll squeeze my groom Rooster into a “noose”). And Pops wants to avoid a suit, BUT he doesn’t mind wearing some kind of blazer-type jacket. Daddy has an idea that, in order to pull off not wearing a tie, he should wear a fairly loud shirt of some sort. Now, we don’t mind loud (polka dots and candy stripes are the order of the younger men, forcryinginabucket), but I’m not sure how to approach “loud” with an ex-accountant pensioner who is (with my mums) walking me down the aisle.
Panic!!!! We need inspiration, and if anyone can do it, I think you can. Please…
Saartjie H (aka The Hoopful Bride)

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