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Is Boney M the new ABBA? 31 July 2009

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I heart this song. A lot! It’s sure to get plenty of airtime at our nuptial celebrations…


2 Responses to “Is Boney M the new ABBA?”

  1. Max Says:

    The new ABBA? No!!
    The musical “Mamma Mia!” based on ABBA’s songs is a huge success. But the musical based on most songs from Boney M was a big flop in London. Besides, Boney M didn’t write their own stuff and most of their songs are covers. Ok√©, some of them were good but to compare them with ABBA is wrong.

  2. hoopfulbride Says:

    Ha! Love that you love ABBA so much: I’m a huge ABBA fan myself… All I’m saying is that the two bands have the same kind of irresistable swing-your-hips cheesy tunes that are MADE for weddings. And because BoneyM doesn’t get anywhere near as much airtime as their pale brothersandsisters from the North, I like to give them a bit of lovin!

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