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Preview walking tour 28 July 2009

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Darlings! Last weekend Rooster, his parentals and his niece (flower-tot #1) did a sneaky reconnaissance trip to De Hoop and I took photies so that YOU can have an idea of what we’re looking forward to…

We first fell in love with the big fig trees. In the Opstal area there are two GIANT fig wild trees that are just overwhelmingly Big and Lovely. It was in a post-engaged state of  bliss that we first laid eyes on the fig trees and I knew I could marry under their branches.

The view of the wedding tree through the old gates to the Opstal

The view of the wedding tree through the old gates to the Opstal

And, so it is that our lovely guests will enter through the gates (pictured above) and take a seat under one of the magnificent fig trees…

One of my favourite childrens’ stories was from Enid Blighton’s The Magic Faraway Tree. Below, a pic of  Bride-tot #1 climbing in the boughs of The Magic Wedding Tree:


And a close-up of the magical trunk:


(Sincere apologies for being such a technology-eejit that I can’t figure out how to spin that pic. Sorry. Really).

But, darling Internet, that tree just keeps getting better! There is a “HITCHING POST”!!! I kid you not… see below:


My Rooster and his parents will await me and mine at the hitching post as we walk towards where we’ll be wed…

And this will be my “aisle”:


After the ceremony, Roosterandme and our family will lead to the little “chapel” at De Hoop (off the side of the square) to sign the registry and become official. The Law says that we must sign in “a place of worship or private residence” and because I am a lawyer I’m funny about legal stuff like that. Ergo, the signing will happen in the chapel!

Our guests will proceed through the far gates of the vlei to a spot with a lovely view for canapes and lovely music.


(Please note Rooster’s wedding scouting outfit of lime green and black boardies and his springbok ugg boots… he’s a veritable trendsetter…)

After canapes we (the wedding party) will tootle down to the waters edge and boat across the vlei (lake) to the other side: the reception venue at the Melkkamer!


In the meanwhile, our guests will take a drive around the lake. This should give us a sneaky half hour to 45 minutes to take photos uninterrupted on the far side… and it will mean that we won’t have to miss out on any of the fun socialising time over cocktails.

On the way around, we won’t want our darling guests to feel at all parched, so we’ll set up a drinks refill station somewhere pretty… like here:


(‘cept it will be about 40 minutes lighter when our lovelies are refilling their beverages)

The rest of the evening’s festivities will take place in a beautiful 100 year old barn: please imagine it cleaned up a bit more and filled with soft light from dimmed paper lanterns and hundreds of candles in recycled glass jars and gorgeous crystal stands.



For more pictures of De Hoop and the beautifulness that will be around us on our wedding weekend, please visit their site here!


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