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The things I have to put up with… 27 July 2009

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I am, by no means, complaining: some of you brides have to put up with some serious crowd-pleasing shit to get your wedding into the kind of celebration you want to have, but I thought I’d share some of my pressures from Rooster’s family:


The Sisters

Have suggested that I wear a pouffy Cinderella-type gown, because none of them did! Ha!

Like these from here and here

They’re not genuine in this request, but they still delight in showing me examples of my “ideal” wedding gown!


The Father

bride on boat


Rooster’s dad has a favourite story he heard about a bride who arrived at a wedding via boat across a lake. Please bear in mind that we are getting married on one side of a lake (where most of our guests will be staying), but that we will be getting ready on the other side. Incidentally the party is also on the “far side”). The plan is to drive round the lake to the ceremony, but leaving via boat after the ceremony (this way we get there before our guests and we have some sneaky time for photies)!  

Back to the story: All the bride’s guests and family had gathered on the shore with the groom to greet her and when she was close (but not too close), she stood up and waved… of course the boat rocked and next thing she had landed in the water! *Shock* *Silence* Then various levels of hysteria erupted (largely from the mothers)… until the Bride appeared perfectly dry and beautiful behind: she had hired an actress to fall into the water as a stunt!

It’s a pretty hilarious story and I love that some bride out there pulled it off so darn well. Rooster’s father loves it even more and falls into fits of high-pitched giggles every time he thinks about it. He is practically BEGGING me to recreate the stunt somehow!

While I think it is hysterical, I just don’t think it will work given our logistics (and, importantly, the difficulty of getting an actress out to De Hoop just to fall into the water)… Rooster’s dad just can’t let it go, though!


The brother-in-law

Sister One and her fabulous hubby took a cruise in the Caribbean earlier this year and they heard this song at some Jamaican bar:

“Big Bamboo”. Seriously! The lyrics of the chorus read something along the lines of:

The Big Bamboo it grows good and long… the Big Bamboo it’s always strong … the Big Bamboo stands straight and tall… the Big Bamboo pleases one and all!

His (sincere) request is that we play this as our departure song as we jive out with big grins on our faces. It’s funny (yet subtle if you don’t actually listen to the lyrics too closely!) enough that I might concede on this one… I’m thinking a conga line: hi-la-rious!

I think I may be marrying into a family of fruitcakes: I love them!


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