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bride-crush #4 24 July 2009

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While it’s been a while since I posted a bride-crush, I’ve been “crushing” on this bride for a while: Sophy! Sophy!

Firstly, the gal’s got to be fab cos she lucked out and my fav ct photographer, Lizelle Lotter, took her pics: beautifulness:


Then, she chose a pretty rocking venue: Matjiesfontein is an amazing relic of Victorian days in the middle of the Karoo (a South African desert-type area). It is a true oasis: in the middle of nowhere you come accross this little perfectly working hotel estate filled with the kind of people who know they’re creating magic!



And Ms Sophy is clearly a style-goddess: how amazing is her dress? I love that it speaks volumes about her personality while being so darn elegant!


 Her brides-girls are gorgeous: decked out in quirky matching but not-so-matching PRETTY pink frocks. And don’t they look ridiculously delighted for their friend?


I LOVE their table flowers…


But again it’s the intangible aspect that makes me love this wedding so: the sense of community that is evident from the getting-ready to the late night party!




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