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three parts of enjoyment 20 July 2009

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My mum always explained to me why she’d prefer to avoid surprises (and it has very little to do with the shock factor): the tree stages of enjoyment.

As the sage Mumsie explains, every event, big or small, comes in three very important stages: Anticipation, The Moment and Memory. Each are as important as the other and each braid together in giving you the truly great experiences of your life. Surprises (except for those planning them) rob you a little bit of the first bit of relish: anticipation…

Right now I’m in the anticipation stage of my wedding. And it is wonderful. Our weekend was full of constructive planning and marvellous discoveries, but mostly Rooster, his folks, his niece (who accompanied them as a last-minute substitution to his ill sister) and me basked in the excitement of the coming event. It was so special to look out over the square and imagine (once again) that THIS will be the place where I promise my love and life to my Rooster.

Oh! If the Anticipation is this grand, I can’t wait for the Moment and Memory part…

PS I am chained to my desk at the moment for work, so this is a very sneakysneaky post: I am armed with pictures and descriptions galore which will be eagerly supplied as soon as I’ve sent out the various documents I’m SUPPOSED to be drafting!


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