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road-trippin 15 July 2009

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Rooster and I are giving ourselves a long weekend (the joys of self-employment!) to De Hoop and the Breede River from tomorrow morning to do some wedding scouting and have a fun-time: hurrah!

Tomorrow we are hitting the Elim wine route (read more about it here) – we are insisting on having local wines at the wedding so the only responsible thing to do (we think) is to indulge in some on-site tasting! The plan is to go and visit the six wine farms in the area, taste their offerings and purchase a couple of bottles of “finalists” to make our decisions with our parents. Luckyforme, I will get to be the “principal taster” as Rooster has just discovered that he has a sulphur allergy so he has to avoid wine… (designated driver for life?).

Then, on Friday we will meet our errant florist and decide whether she will indeed be making our beautiful venue even MORE beautiful. I do hope so: depsite my previous rants, they are just so convenient and (importantly) so darn cheap!

On Friday afternoon we will transfer to De Hoop where we will be met by Rooster’s parents and foodie-suprema sister because on Saturday we  will be having our FOOD TASTING! Yippee! Rooster’s dad is also super excited as he will be mapping out the treasure hunt for “activity day”. He is really into it – fantastic!

Needlesstosay, I am ridiculously excited and am a little nervous-excited for the food tasting. Even though the chef at De Hoop has years of experience, the way we decided on what to eat was a tad unusual: we gave them a menu (compiled with the help of  The Cook) and they have agreed to reproduce it… I promise to give a report card when i return.

So there will be a small blogging hiatus as I will be leaving my computer behind. On my return, however, I promise to fill these pages with loads of pictures of our wedding venue, a report on the food, and let you know the subtleties of our chosen tipple 🙂



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