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Regionalism 15 July 2009

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One of my first realisations about the internet backinthday was the mind-blowing possibility of sharing and connecting with people one would NEVER have met. Like, ever! Sure enough, the wedding blogging world has brought that realisation slamming home…

I’ve been thinking about the wonders of blogging about one’s wedding and about the amazing community of blogging brides: the creativity and excitement that we share is beautiful. But most of it is all so darned american! Not in a bad way (of course). By this I mean that by far and large the most blogging brides I have come across are american and so the blogging community I have encountered share an ability to swap tips and ideas about photographers, vendors, frocks, shoes… etcetera etcetera.

Of course, I stalk some really awesome Canadian weddings too and this postat bride on purpose got me thinking about the bevvy of blogging Canadian brides who too can share helpful hints and tips and who too encounter similar challenges. It’s really awesome that bride on purpose is making an effort to share with her Canadian sisters – cos that’s what it’s all about really.

Perspective and diversity and completely unexpected inspiration are some of the reasons I trawl wedding-land on the internet – surely it must be why most brides do the same. Nevertheless I am often pretty envious of those brides who can swap their experiences and REALLY know what they’re talking about in the way that one can if you’re from the same place.

This SAfrican’s experience is that I generally can only get ideas from other blogs and not details. Perhaps this is why I tend to enjoy the brides that focus on ideas and the philosophy of their weddings (like this lady and this lady and this lady and this lady) so darn much…

Sometimes it gets a bit frustrating feeling like a lone voice and not communicating with brides who know my vibe! So I’ve spent some snatches of time today trying to track down awesome fellow South African blogging brides. So far, I’ve come across three pretty awesome sites:

Sexyredframe – is a “wedding graduate” (as Meg would say), and she tells possibly one of the most beautiful love tales ever. And her wedding looked incredible. Take a peak: really, you will be happy you did!

Chapel of love – a sassy cool cape town chicken who shares the joys and challenges of planning her nuptials… and some pretty fabulous inspiration too!

The life and love of us – is marrying her lady-love on the same day as Rooster and I will wed: what an auspicious day!

Howzit girls! Looking forward to being in your community 🙂


One Response to “Regionalism”

  1. I am new to the bridal blogging community, and can’t wait to find a community of brides like you have! Inspirational!

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