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and they’re off!!! 13 July 2009

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Those invitations. Despite the last-minute breaking of the round corner punch and despite Rooster nearly loosing the invoice so we nearly couldn’t get a replacement and the resultant abundance of vented emotion as i was running late to catch my plane to Jozi on Friday afternoon, we finally got those invites in their envelopes and they’re hitting the post office today!

Werewith, the story of our invites:

Step One: Rooster and I took a whole lot of close up pics of fynbos flowers at every opportunity we had. Some we took on weekends away, some on evening traipses on table mountian, some in our garden, some (even) of cut flowers in our home. All in all, we ended up using 56 of our favourite shots. These formed the front side of the postcards that made up the invite, as seen below en masse


Step two: We thought up some savvy copy for our invites: we wanted something quite casual and we also wanted to remind our guests that we have different activities happening on each day. We enlisted the assitance of our beautiful graphic designer friend to help us make the invites look a little more like postcards. We think she was brilliant! And please note the cockerel stamp – in line with Rooster and my agreement that my family emblem would become our family emblem!


The main invite: please excuse the scrappy gold blanking (I’m not sure how effective it was in any event!).


The invite for the braai competition (complete with South Africanisms – apologies to foreign readers).


The invite for Friday Activity Day.


And the invite (to closest friends and family) for the traditional post wedding prawn braai!

At this point I should note that we have purposely misspelt “prauwne” – the story goes back to a trip to Mozambique a few years ago where they pronounce the shrimp-like crustacean just like it’s spelt above. To my delight, I once spotted a sign from a street vendor with that spelling and have not been able to call them prawn since!

There was one typo mistake: on our “admin postcard” (not pictured) we did not include the full number for De Hoop (for the purposes of booking accommodation)… We didn’t think it was too much of a train-smash as we also included glossy brochures for the reserve (to give people a taste of where we’re headed) in the invite and all the relevant info is on our wedding website!

Step three: Practical stuff. We got the cardboard (recycled card) printed at rooster’s dad’s company for free (Yay!), cut into postcard size for free from the paper shop where we purchased the card, we cut the millions of rounded corners with our old and our new round corner punches (see how cool it looks!) and secured the bunch of random photos with a funky paper clip.

Step 4: I hand addressed the invites and envelopes in gold pen. Our envelopes are black and long enough to accommodate the glossy De Hoop brochure and in a flash of inspiration (gleaned from the brilliant brides in internetland) we had stickers printed with a mosaic of our pics so that the colour would *pop* on the black!


The envelope waiting to be stuffed and addressed (and a bit over-exposed)!


All our little babies waiting to visit the post office and beyond! (If you look closely you will see the little white bird-like corners lying around after much corner punching.) The great new is that the SA Post Office has recently issued fynbos stamps: bloody perfect…

We are thrilled and can’t wait for feedback from our mateys once people start receiving them! Our invites are exactly as we hoped they would be: beautiful, simple, bright, relaxed and memorable. Yay…


3 Responses to “and they’re off!!!”

  1. EcoYogini Says:

    I LOVE them 🙂 They are beautiful, and so clever and unique!

    Nicely done 🙂

  2. They are fabulous! Love the thought that has gone into them and the execution is amazing!

  3. hoopfulbride Says:

    Your feedback has made me ridiculously happy! Our guests have also been receiving them (interestingly, the London invites were received before the Jo’burg ones: hmmm) and it has been awesome to hear how much they love them too… hurrah!

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