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Broken corner punch 10 July 2009

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Nope, despite taking boxing classes, I’m not referring to any type of jab, hook or uppercut: the fabulous contraption we purchased to give our postcard invitations a rounded retro feel has given up the ghost mid-punch… bugger! And even though the instrument professes to have a “lifetime guarantee”, we doubt we will be able to have it all patched up and snipping beautiful corners by the weekend, because, really, it is time to send those invites out!!!

The thing is, we tracked down that corner punch and found (what we believe) to be the only one in CT… And given that we are putting 4-5 postcards in each guest’s envelope, we have a lot of corners to punch. Oh: and they must be punched, because half the invites (i.e. pages 1 and 3) are fully rounded, while just under half of the others (i.e. pages 2 and 4) still have spikey corners – there’s no mixing of spikey and rounded. Hmm.

Oh the joys of not living in a country where they make and sell crafty stuff in profusion. Don’tgetmewrong, there are many perks to living in SAfrica (beautiful landscapes, cheap labour, cheap other stuff (i.e. that really poor people can buy), amazing music, fabulous culture, etc etc), but just for today I wish i could walk stroll own a first-world sidewalk and into my local craft store and exchange my broken corner punch for a swanky working one!

I have phoned the paper people and they are onto it… buggery bugger. There has GOT to be another solution. Even though I am loathe to purchase another rounded corner contraption due to the ridiculous cost. And the fact that i should get a fixed one at some stage due to that lifetime guarantee.

But the invites are looking AMAZING. Rooster and I even did a little jig of joy as we were punching and sorting last night (prior to breakage)! Will post pics once the process has been completed. Hold thumbs, Internet!

In other news: I have put myself under enormous pressure to complete a draft affidavit by the end of today. Ha! And this afternoon (two hours on the plane) I am going to Jo’burg for a symposium being held tomorrow. Ha! Even though it is not really in Jo’burg, but inconveniently OUTSIDE of Jozi (so I can’t see my Jozi-mates). Ha!

Not all is gloomy, Internet: last night Rooster and I accompanied two girls (out of 65) to the circus as part of the Sisanda Day of Fun: the idea is that there are a whole lot of children in CapeTown who do not get to enjoy the fun and amazing things there are for children to enjoy in and around CT because they are orphaned or abused or have run away from home for whatever reason. In steps the brilliant ladies behind Sisanda who have organised sponsorship, at least one outing a month (they rotate the “beneficiary homes”) and a hoard of volunteers to look after the kinderen on their day of fun. Needless to say, the circus was a whole lot more fun when watching it with a smart but shy 16 year old refugee and a loving and funny 12 year old girl who has run away from home to escape abuse and drugs… In the greater scheme of things, a round corner punch isn’t that important!

(1 hour later…)

UPDATE: The local paper shop JUST HIS MORNING received a shipment of round corner punches from the u-nited states: we can take our broken punch in and exchange it for a working one 🙂 The gods are clearly on my side – now let’s see if i can finish my affidavit before my plane takes off…


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