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Sweetness and Lard 7 July 2009

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Today I received an e-mail from a newish friend who has recently returned to CT with his (gorgeous – of course) Italian wife (who is an even newer friend). His e-mail is brimming with excitement and the best kind of advice:

(In response to my congratulations and a comment about our preparations)

“It really is the best day of your life – even if it rains, cake flops, looney grandma feels up the dj, etc (examples only!). Nothing can beat it. ENJOY!”

Lovely, lovely, happy groom!


This week, and last, all my good intentions have come to nought. I have generally been fairly good about attending 2 boxing classes a week as well as a pilates class, a yoga class and at least one walk on the mountain. This is important to me both as a normal person and a bride. But I have done very little of that recently – instead i have found all maner of good excuses to avoid most exercise. Bad. Leroy. Brown. Hoping to make it to boxing today, but I have quitealot of work to get through (yes, another excuse)…


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