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oh! PS on the Frock 2 July 2009

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I do feel a tad uneasy about spending loads on a frock (no matter how seriously gorgeous) that I will only wear once (my dress costs R9800 – the equivalent of about US$1255). HOWEVER I have two (clearly very clever) solutions to quell my  unease:

Class of 2009 Party

I’m friends with a bevvy of beautiful brides (gotta love an alliteration) who have married (or are getting married) in 2009. It is the time of our lives when we all seem to succumb to the marriage thing. At first I was a little put out about being part of a trend (a position i have seldom, if ever, found myself in), but then I embraced it.

We call ourselves Bridal Class of 2009 and after wedding planning is over, my next project (a joint one) will be to plan a big Bridal Class of 2009 Party in December where we will all get to dress up in our frocks again (more than one wear… I like it) and there will be a party with many brides and many grooms: Hilarious! Also, in the spirit of “one bride’s trash is another bride’s treasure”, we will play “secret santa” with our worst/most quirky gift. I can’t wait… No doubt I will keep you in the loop about Class of 2009 preparations once I am married.

Dress = piece of art

Don’t be ridiculous, I have NO intention of displaying my dress around my home other than in a couple of tasteful photos from the day… uggh. I always get an uneasy feeling about obviously displayed wedding memorabilia – it’s a tad desperate in a Miss Haversham kind of way.

BUT my frock does incorporate a very large and beautiful print of a hand-painted blushing bride protea. I plan to have the panel with the print removed and framed so that the print CAN be hung up on our walls and nobody will ever know its significance other than Rooster and me (and those who attended the wedding, obviously). Clever, huh? The obvious flaw in this plan is that I have to avoid spilling red wine on the panel with the print. And knowing me, the odds are pretty high that I may not avoid this pitfall.

Anyways, because the dress has masses of panels of the most beautiful raw silk, I can still have a full skirt from the remaining panels. I intend dying the resultant dress some beautiful colour for repeat wearing.



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