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Honeymoon surprise! 1 July 2009

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I don’t know WHERE we’re going… 

It is tradition (here) that the Man takes his Woman on surprise honeymoon.* Some traditions are fun, and I was all too happy to be surprised by my Rooster as (honestly) it doesn’t happen too often! In our relationship, I am the grand planner and organiser: I am pretty much a type A all the way (and those bits of me that aren’t so type A were beaten into submission in law school). So that’s why I’m the main planner when it comes to wedding stuff too.

Except for honeymoon! All I’ve asked is that we go somewhere in Africa (preferably we haven’t been before) and Rooster is so excited, he doesn’t know what to do with himself! He has enlisted the help of his Sisters 1, 2 and 3 and they give me these cheeky excited smiles every time a honeymoon-type topic is raised.

And me? It is quite a grand concept of being whisked away on a romantic 10-day trip (or about that) when I don’t know where we are going at all! It is grandly romantic and I am happy to surrender my desperate planning urges for the sake of that wonderful free and excited feeling I get when thinking about the post-wedding week (or two).

HOWEVER, I am VERY bad at suspending my tendency to problem-solve. As much as I want a surprise, I also want to find out the surprise! Usually, Rooster would be really bad at keeping it under wraps (he is a shocking secret-keeper), but he is doing remarkably well with this one. Here’s what my “detective brain” has thought about thus far:

  1. I know we won’t have to apply for visas (the beauty of travel in Africa is that we can travel with our South African passports to most places, for a change) so I won’t find out that way.
  2. I have often spoken about how much I’d LOVE to visit the ngorongoro crater, so maybe that’s the mystery location?
  3. But, we both love the water and glorious beach-weather AND we’ll be emerging from winter, so maybe it’s  Zanzibar?
  4. I thought I had it when Rooster kept receiving letters from “Pezula Cruises” – Ha! A cruise in Mozam, I thought, lovely… But then he left a letter lying around and it’s just form the company who is processing his skippers licence.
  5. Maybe Ethiopia? We’ve always dreamed of visiting Ethiopia together?!

Really? I haven’t got a clue… but I’ll keep you posted if I discover anything revealing 🙂

*Um, some feedback, please, does this tradition of surprise honeymoons only happen here ? Or or this something that the a-merican brides once lived with but have since eschewed – in the manner of garter toss – because they love planning holidays too much to bear letting their fiance do it for them? Just interested…


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