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3 months to go: woop! woop! 26 June 2009

Actually, that mark is more like a philosophical one: it elicits no more or less emotion than any day prior to it. Rooster and I are getting married and it’s bloody marvellous. And now we are one day closer. But in any event, I thought perhaps I’d share with you the things on my “checklist” that we’ve organised with the help of our friends:

  1. Food: While our venue is making our food, our briliant chef/explorer friend helped us formulate our dream menu for De Hoop to quote on. In the process, she has advised us on so many of the items we can source ourselves (and where), thus cutting the overall cost of food while keeping it pretty spectacular. J-May is also doing the catering for the Post We
  2. Frock: COMPLETELY lucky find with amazing friends from nyc who were visiting in December, but probably won’t be able to attend the wedding. More on my beautiful frock for another post!
  3. “Officiant”: Pastor from my parent’s church who i have a lot of respect for. Neither of us are church-goers, but DM is a good friend of my parents and will be clever and sensitive to our beliefs while staying christian (nb for my  parents).
  4. Ceremony musicians: One of my Best Friends is The Flautist who loves nothing more than to make her friend’s weddings beautiful by playing at them. Nuff said. Then, Scissor’s boyfriend has a beautiful voice and he will sing one special song. My cousin and wife ALSO have beautiful voices and are accomplished performers so they will sing another special song. Tra-la-la!
  5. dj (no band): BF married in March and her DJ had people crowing for more when the lights came on at midnight! Our venue has not time limit, so we hope he’ll have the peeps burning holes in the dance floor.
  6. Videographer: AWESOME story – I contacted our matey who makes documentaries to see if he could recommend someone who does not rip the ring out of it. He recommended his editing assistant and her boyfriend who had just won a national award for camera work. They charge HALF the price of the next quote we received… and the other day she dropped off some dvds of their work (beaut) and they filmed JACOB ZUMA’s (i.e. the SAfrican president!!!) daughter’s wedding (I think they know her through church or something). No shizzle. Hil-ar-ious…
  7. Photographer: Even though i am in love with Lizelle Lotter(actually, I am in love with a number of ct photographers, but i think i love her the most and she is the most reasonable out of my favs), she has another wedding on the day of our wedding. Bass-tards. So we have asked our friend-of-a-friend (Ro) to take snaps of the day. He is a really talented photographer and does a smattering of wedding stuff, but mostly focuses on other subjects. He will, however, be happy to take photies the WHOLE weekend and will be loads of fun to have a round for a whole weekend. Also a bonus, we have a number of amazing photographer friends (who we did not ask because we want them to concentrate on being wedding guests), and Ro says he will consult with their shots before compiling our album… Perf.
  8. Hairandmake-up: How lucky am I? I have TWO separate friends (i.e. they did not offer in unison) who have offered to do hair and make-up for free. Grand. Now my girls can also have theirs done and we will be so pretty people will weep from the prettiness!
  9. Cake: Another case of lucky me! Our excellent friend Kt makes the most delicious cakes so she offered to make a 3-tiered chocolate, lemon and carrot creation (each tier a different flavour). My mum also has a matey that wins prizes for her sugar icing and she specialises (i kid you not) in making fynbos flowers for cakes! Between the two of them m’thinks we will have a masterpiece…

Jeepers. I am more organised than i thought!

There is still loads to do (especially given that it’s a WAW (weekend away wedding)), but most of it has all just fallen into place. On the whole, I’ve had to “fight” very little to bring the party plans together. I LOVE that we can use our friends for so many aspects and that our wedding will be the product of so many special people.

In lieu of “payment” for our friends who are helping for free, we are paying for their accommodation at De Hoop for the full three days. We still score as the cost of 3 nights accommodation is a darnside cheaper than the cost of a cake (or a hairandmake-up artist, or a flautist, or a minister, or, or, or)!


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