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A four day wedding! Can you believe it??? 24 June 2009

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This post is about how we ended up planning such a long wedding celebration. Nobody is surprised: we love a party and we especially love to host a party. And we have loads and loads of lovely amazing friends and family that we simply don’t see enough of and so we never really could have scrunched seeing them all into one day… Heregoes:

As soon as Rooster and I had decided where we wanted to wed, we set about deciding when. He made a couple of calls and the resounding opinion was that in the De Hoop area, the two best months are March and September (not to hot, rainy or windy – it’s quite exposed to the elements!). First we looked at March: 2010 – too far away by far. March 2009: out mainly because my very own bf’s was herself wedding in March… and also because it was a tad soon (i.e. 4 months from our engagement).

September 2009 it was! Bearing in mind that De Hoop is at least a 3 hour drive away from capetown, the one long-ish weekend in September seemed the most apt so people could be encouraged to have a little holiday in a beautiful nature reserve as well. Thursday 24 September is Heritage Day in SA (really, it was a holiday that commemorated quite a horrid date – the battle of blood river – but in transition to democracy it mattered to the Afrikaaners so the holiday was kept and renamed). It is also the first day of school holidays and the first day of court recess (I’m a lawyer). So it occurred to us that we could have a FOUR day wedding!

The plans are as follows:

Day one (Thursday): SAfricans have developed this habit of indulging in our favourite food on Heritage Day: a braai (bbq. Remember, braai = bbq. v nb). In recent years Rooster’s sister #1 and husband have held a braai competition at their home with v strict rules yielding seriously delicious coal-grilled offerings, so we have decided to transport this to De Hoop for the official start to the wedding! We also intend having a bit of a party on thursday night so people feel tender on friday and are not too tempted to paaaarty too much on friday night…

Day Two (Friday): De Hoop is the kind of place where you can hike, bike, swim, bird/animal-watch or just lounge around. It also has  a tennis court and a boules pit. So Friday is activity day for young and old. Activity day will be loads of fun (it WILL be fun!!! – what makes you think i’m bossy?) and we reckon it will be an excellent time for people to get to know each other. We’re expecting 200 people: there will be a need for getting to know each other!

Activity day will be rounded off with sundowners (i.e. drinks while watching the sun set) on the sand dunes on the beach. HOPEFULLY, there will be a big pod of whales to entertain us (it’s a major whale nursing area – amazing) as the sun sets on our last day of unmarriedness… We’ll then all traipse back to the central restaurant at the Reserve for soup and homemade bread and (this is one of my favourite parts!) WINE-TASTING from the local farmers. Flippinfabulous!

Day Three (Saturday): The Wedding! I’ll save all the details for another post…. yippee yippee yippeee! Hopefully this will go on until the small hours of the morning.

Day Four (Sunday – don’t worry, we only expect those who are very close to us to stick around til day 4): The Traditional Post Wedding Prawn Braai. At all 3 of Rooster’s sisters’ weddings the close friends and family have been invited around the day after for reminiscing and prawn-eating. Yum. This is one tradition i am unsurprisingly reluctant to give up. We’re relocating to the house on Breede River (about 30 mins from De Hoop) for the Traditional Post Wedding Prawn Braai as well as for our first night of honeymoon as Rooster’s parent’s spent their honeymoon here and he has always dreamed of doing likewise (he’s a dreamer my Rooster).

Jeepers Creepers, I cannot wait! I think it may well be the best weekend of my life. Hopefully. Probably.

And we’re getting “famous” with our mulitple day celebration: Rooster’s mum was talking to a quilting colleague in Wilderness (i.e. someone none of us know) and mentioned we were marrying in De Hoop. “De Hoop?!”, says colleague of Rooster’s mum, “I heard about a four day wedding happening in De Hoop, can you imagine?!”. “Yes” sighs Rooster’s mum, “that’s my son and daughter-in-law.” (they already call me that… the proposal was not too unexpected, people!)


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