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whataweekend! 22 June 2009

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Some stuff that I can tick off after this weekend:

1. First registry items! Rooster and I got to shoot that gun at @Home on saturday morning. Ridic fun! I think we got some goodies… Yippee yay.

2. Round corner cutter. When our invites are printed (hopefully soon!) we will want to give them round corners becuase I think round is prettier. On saturday we tracked down (what may be) the Only round corner punch in CT. Hurrah for us! Tis being delivered to our nearest store tomorrow. Hopefully this will be followed closely by our invites which are being test printed as I type!

3. Flower girl dresses!!! Well, we found the fabric. Rooster’s mother is a fabric artist and some years ago was given an enormous box of indian silk from an international quilter friend. We found it while enjoying father’s day at  their house yesterday afternoon and went a little beserk. The Most Beautiful fabrics. In keeping with my desired theme of kititng the kiddies in same-same-but-different dresses, we selected six of my favourites that are mainly green, but feature pinks and blues and whites and yellows as well and set the three bigger girls onto them.

Flowergirl 1 (age 8) chose wide pink stripes alternating with candy stripes on white. FG 2 (age 6) chose similar fabric, but with more blue. FG 3 (age 4 – I’m her fairy godmother) chose a pale yellow with large colourful checks. Mother of FG4 (age 1 1/2) chose a white with pink and green checks. Tiny FG (current age 4 months – she just gets a frock!) got the smallest piece and remaining FG is left with a multicoloured checked fabric.

We stopped off on the way home at my folks and raided my mum’s patterns and found the patter that was used for HER flowergirls when they wed in 1978. Per-fect!

Fabric, pattern and measurements will be given to an amazingly talented refugee seamstress to do her magic. Fantastic! And the remaining fabric will be worked into our wedding quilt…

A weekend well spent 🙂


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