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Fabulous fynbos! 18 June 2009

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We live in the Western Cape of South Africa – an area that is famously described as “the fairest cape in all the world” (or as the Cape of Storms, but that is besides the point). Part of what makes our corner of this earth so darn pretty (besides the clear oceans, breath-taking coastline, majestic mountains, etcetera etcetera) is the indigenous flora. The Western Cape is home to the wold’s smallest (and, given its size, most diverse) floral kingdoms in the world. There are only six floral kingdoms on earth, and one of these six occurs exclusively in my province. Howbloodycool?!? It is colloquially known as fynbos.

Oh Fabulous Fynbos! We are downright inspired by fynbos and the nature around us. When we renovated our house we would look at paint swatches or samples of fabric and ask ourselves whether you would find this colour on a walk on Table Mountain.

So it comes as no surprise that fynbos is the inspiration for our wedding. Our clothes, decor, invites and ethos are reminders of our passion for these plants and our fair cape. Beautiful! and, because it grow locally and in the wild,  also pretty darn reasonable 🙂 Fynbos is not fancy or delicate or pretty. It is rather starkly beautiful, extremely hardy and full of character – a description i could quite easily apply to our relationship.

Am hoping to get myself together and post some pics we have taken of fynbos while out walking (which will form a highly important aspect of the wedding… the pics, not the walking. Although the walking is also V.NB, but for very different reasons), but not today. for now, here are some examples from Flickr…


2 Responses to “Fabulous fynbos!”

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  2. I love that you are inspired by fynbos!

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