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Planning a wedding in a place called The Hope

Admission 18 June 2009

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I am a technophobe. A luddite. Stuck in the dark ages… Basically I suck at technology. I like to think that i can happily that side up to Rooster and normally I do, but this is MY blog which I am putting together allbymyself.

Which is grand, but pretty daunting. And I have ridiculously slow internet (hopefully this will change in July because something technical is happening in SA (?) and we should have more fibre-optic cables. Or something? Who knows)…

ANYWAY it has been bothering me because there are all kinds of photographic inspiration i’d like to share and look at, but i feel a tad hampered by my phobia and the slowness of the internet. So I’ve been a reluctant blogger in my first few days of blogging.

Luckily it has occurred to me that i can still write my stories and explain my inspiration! Yippeee. And share the odd photo or wedding. Although I probably won’t figure out how to link to where i got it from for bloody ages. So.sorry.for.that.


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