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It started at De Hoop 11 June 2009

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Hmm. My First Post. Ever.

Rooster proposed at De Hoop Nature Reserve on a drizzly saturday afternoon last November next to the vlei (wetland), at the fullest it had been for over 100 years (auspicious). I had seen it coming.

Our fifth anniversary of dating was fast approaching and Rooster had promised my mother he was on a 5-year plan! We’d renovated our house together and spoken about our future plans with the assumption that we’d be wed. I’d even hinted drastically about the ring… But it did seem like he might never actually pull it off (in our relationship, I am  the planning freak). Although I was happy to ask him… or for us to just announce our engagement… Rooster wanted to do it, plan it, own it. So i was (kindof) happy to wait for him to find his time and voice and place to pop the question.

On the Thursday evening we went away to his family’s spot on the Breede River (it was our first holiday together alone for some time – we are quite social) and he taunted me with all manner of romantic adventures over the weekend (walks in the veld, rowing down the river, delicious dinners and glorious breakfasts in bed), but there didn’t seem to be any “action”, so i wrote the time off as a lovely weekend away.

A week before our visit the area had experienced enormous floods – the biggest in over 100 years – so we decided to take the half hour drive to De Hoop Nature Reserve to see the vlei in its fullness. It was a little drizzly so we packed a picnic to enjoy in the back of the bakkie (pick-up) if the weather didn’t clear. Unbeknownst to me there was also a hidden bottle (or two) of bubbly!

We picnicked and, as the weather lifted, we decided to take a stroll next to the water. On a lichened rock we stared at each other with all the love and fullness we have for each other before he leaned over and kissed me and whispered his wish: to marry me! More kisses. Giggles! *Pride* “Yippeeeee! Of course!” A little tear of special joy.

He slipped the ring on my finger. We trundled back to the car, popped the cork and drifted into the veld where we celebrated while being watched over by a herd of zebra!

we are engaged so now we kiss

(OK, so you can’t see the zebra here, but they could see us…)


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